underwater tours       No boat required!

Underwater Tours From Rincon Shores!

That's right, Puerto Rico shore diving & snorkeling is fun and easy. You find an abundance of dive sites simply steps away with warm blue waters and beautiful reefs. There are many dive sites very close to shore making a boat unnecessary, some less than 100 yards away! There are even sites that are sheltered from the wind and waves of the open ocean. This makes for a great alternative on days where the sea conditions are less than favorable, and even offer some exotic sea life that make the dive worth the trip anytime.

The variety of shore entries make shore diving suitable for all skill levels of divers. Rincon Diving & Snorkeling has everything you need to make your shore diving experiences memorable. We have guides and instructors who are knowledgeable experts in all facets of local diving.

Stop by the shop and ask us for free advice, or hire a guide. Don't forget that Puerto Rico law requires that divers must display a dive flag when in the water. Make sure you are in compliance with this regulation before you dive!

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