Safety Rules & Protocol For Covid-19

  • Face masks are mandatory for all our employees and customers visiting our store. Customers and staff members must keep a face mask on until they change to a scuba mask and get in the water. Once the participant finishes, they must dry off their face and put on the face mask again.
  • Participants must read and understand all COVID-19 signs that are posted at our store and follow all our safety protocols. Our crew may ask any participant to leave our premises if protocol rules are not followed as established.
  • All participants may be asked to do a body temperature check. If any participant shows suspicious symptoms related to COVID-19 they will be asked to leave our premises and a full refund will be processed.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the store. Participants must use it before participating.
  • Food will not be served on any tour. Water may not be available. It’s recommended that participants bring their own reusable water bottles. If water is available, participants must ask our crew to be served.
  • “Social Distance Policy” (6 ft) must be followed.
  • In our store, we have a unisex bathroom. Bathrooms will be exclusively for our tour customers.
  • Towels are not provided for customers. Remember to bring your own towel.

Sanitization, Staff, and Equipment Protocols

  • All our equipment is sanitized and cleaned with bleach before dispensing to customers.
  • All our staff members are checked for body temperature, signs, or symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • If any symptoms are shown, staff members will be sent to their homes and will be asked to visit their doctors and return with a negative diagnosis in order to get back to work.
  • Our staff members will wear a face mask at all times and a face shield until they are ready to get in the water. Social distancing must be followed at all times.

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