Who Are Rincón Diving & Snorkeling?

Rincón Diving & Snorkeling began training divers and serving retail customers in May 2013 as a center created to promote shore diving in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It is composed of specialized instructors, divemasters, and divers joined in a common effort to promote safe, high-quality underwater education and activities.

A group of people gather under the Rincón Dive Shop sign

About the Store

Rincon Diving & Snorkeling is a PADI & NAUI Diving Center located in the heart of Rincón, Puerto Rico, USA. We are dedicated to quality customer service and our goal is to build customer loyalty by being the best scuba diving center in the area. We are committed to your safety and enjoyment as well as protecting the natural environment.


Two divers smile as they float near the shore

Why We Dive & Why You Should Too!

We love what we do! Scuba diving creates a sense of adventure and mystery no matter how many times we visit a reef. The truth is, you never know what you will get to see. Reefs are ever-changing. With snorkeling or diving, we feel as though we are seeing an undiscovered, sacred, or almost forbidden place. So few people get to experience the magic of the underwater world and we have shaped our lives around sharing it.

The sign outside the Rincón dive shop

Come On by and We’ll Talk Diving

​​We back up what we sell. If you are looking for high-quality dive equipment at reasonable prices you are at the right place! If there is anything wrong with your equipment once purchased, we will try our best to make it right.

Let’s Dive In