Get PADI Mermaid certified in the ocean!

Practice with professional mermaid gear!

Two-day, complete course package


When the line between fantasy and reality fades, you can tap into what it really means to be a mermaid! Rincon Diving & Snorkeling invites you to join Mermaid Julia Alora on a deep dive into mermaid life with this two- day, PADI Mermaid certification course in the crystal clear waters of Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico!

Whether you want to swim for show in aquariums or reefs for fun, getting PADI Mermaid certified is the place to start!


Bundle and save a few sand-dollars!

Master mermaid safety, diving, bubbles, twists, turns and more!

Show off your skills and gills as you glide over stunning reefs in a professional swimming mermaid tail

Small group instruction with a certified PADI Mermaid Instructor!

Trip Details

Trip Details


Price: $475 for in-water training

Meeting point

Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


Daily, year-round


2 Days

Group size

Maximum 4 people, Ages 12+


  • PADI Mermaid & Advanced Mermaid certifications
  • 2 underwater photos and 2 underwater videos
  • Expert safety briefing and instruction
  • Professional swimming monofin, mermaid tail, and bi-fins

Not included

Low-volume mask, J snorkel – All mers must come prepared with their own mask and snorkel, $137 PADI eLearning deposit

What to bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Water bottle

Good to know

  • Deposit must be paid via Venmo, Paypal, or ATH Movil. Once paid, you will soon receive an email with your PADI eLearning materials!
  • Ages 12+
  • Call the shop to book
  • Send in your PADI eLearning deposit
  • Complete PADI eLearning courses
  • Complete two-day training
  • Receive your PADI Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid certifications

What You’ll See & Do

Arrive at the beach. Take a deep breath. Smile! Your mermaid instructor has set up a place in the shade for you to go over some crucial mer-wisdom, get to know any mer~mates that may be joining you in your course, and do some breathing and stretching exercises. It is important to prepare the body and the mind before getting your fins wet!

Keep the calm you achieved during our warmups as we make way to the water for a confined water session. Take the skills you learned on land and practice breathing up for a dive in the water. Slip into your mermaid tail and dolphin-kick your way around the shallows with the support of a buddy as your instructor gives you pointers and inspiration. Learn different turns and the duck-dive technique to get you ready for what’s next!

Break-time! Relax, mermaid. You’re doing great! Sit on a comfy beach blanket and listen in to more mermaid knowledge review tips, tricks, and safety procedures.

Feel the warm sand between your toes as you head back to the water. Swim out to find a sweet spot to continue dives, turns, twists, bubbles and more! As you keep practicing you will find the line in your mind between fantasy and reality where the mermaid inside you lives. And you will learn to tap into it.

Sleep good tonight, mermaid. Tomorrow you really get the chance to show off your skills and gills as we dive even deeper into the beautiful blue.

Meet and greet again with your mer~mates and instructor before settling in for even more mer-wisdom. Remember the calm, tap into yourself, and breathe deep while stretching your body and relaxing your mind.

Take what you learned from yesterday a few feet deeper. Wave hello to beautiful fish as you swim gracefully over stunning local reefs. This is where you will really master mermaid safety and diving skills. Enjoy this time, mermaid, and relax into yourself. Practice makes mer-fect.

Put your fins up for a break. You’re doing great!

Head back to the deep end of the ocean to really show your instructor what you’ve learned in this course. Perform all of the mermaid moves with ease and be the best mer-buddy that you can be.

Surface from your last dive with a smile. You did it! The waters of the world await! Swim forth knowing that you are prepared for anything the mer world might splash in your direction!

Answers to Your Questions

Bring your own camera and our instructor will take a couple of photos of you in your tail.

Students must be comfortable in deep water.

No mermaid experience is necessary to take this course.

Basic Mermaid Course: Ages 6+ / Mermaid Course: Ages 10+ / Advanced Mermaid: Ages 12+.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page!

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